Patterned vinyl ideas for your lounge

patterned stripy vinyl flooring


Looking for the wow factor for your lounge? Then look no further than patterned vinyl. It makes a fantastic design statement and, at the same time, can transform your ordinary lounge flooring into a modern haven where your family can relax and be inspired.


If you love the appearance of Mediterranean-style natural stone tiles but not the accompanying price tag, try a luxurious, marble effect patterned vinyl. Complement it with neo-classical furniture to enhance that feeling of decadence.

white stone effect vinyl



If your style is cleaner and more minimalist, a muted patterned in white will brighten up even the darkest sitting room and look stunning teamed with brightly coloured furnishings.


Wood-effect vinyl is perfect for those who want traditional English flooring without the cost. A patterned rug will add a contemporary, yet understated elegance to the lounge.

wood effect vinyl flooring



Patterned vinyl is a fun way to explore your whimsical side. Whatever your look – quirky swirls and squiggles or regimented geometric designs – you will find that the only limit is your imagination.

Complete the bohemian feel with statement furniture and novelty accessories to create an interior that your visitors will never want to leave.modern vinyl

Whether you create a Mediterranean room or keep it traditionally English, these ideas for patterned vinyl flooring will keep your lounge interior looking fresh and original.

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