A passion for pattern

Are you fed up with having a plain home? Do you want to inject a little personality? Who can blame you! With interior magazines boasting animal, Aztec and floral prints, it’s no wonder we all want to try it out!

But choosing to do this can go fatally wrong if it isn’t executed in precisely the right way. Pick the wrong floral wallpaper and your home could look as dated as your grandmother’s…

To help you get it right first time around, here are some tips on creating a patterned look in your home, while ensuring it a maintains contemporary and sophisticated style.



What style do you love?

Before you begin working out whether certain colours and styles will work well together, decide what you do and don’t like, and then work from there. It can be easy to get caught up making sure prints and colours don’t clash and forget that you’re trying to create something you’ll love to look at day after day.

Use white as your base colour

If you are experimenting with pattern in your home, try to use white or cream as your base colour, and build on that. You could choose a monochrome theme with white furniture and black rugs, or a nautical style with navy and white.

Be creative

Try to use your imagination when choosing a colour theme, then work on introducing some patterns using that particular colour. Stripes, polka dots and bold prints all work well, and can even be used as the main carpet design rather than as an accessory or embellishment.



Contrast big and small

If you choose to incorporate large prints, whether that is animal or floral, you should use neutral colours as your base and contrast with smaller patterns or prints if you are looking to use more than one style in your home. The trick is to be different enough to stand out without clashing, so never pair floral wallpaper with floral carpet but avoid two bold patterns like big flowers or large geometric prints too.

Don’t be shy

When adding patterns to your home, the important thing is not to be shy. This is your space so you can do what you like in it! Go bold and bright if you want to, and contrast any loud patterns with softer shades and muted tones to give your home the wow factor it deserves.

Use patterned wallpaper

While wallpaper once fell out of favour, with paint taking precedence in homes, it is now back with vengeance. Patterned wallpaper can be used top great effect in the home so choose a style you like it and use it to create a feature wall in your living room, bedroom or dining room.


With these hints and tips there is absolutely no reason why you can’t add just about any pattern to your home this season. Bring in some contemporary charm,along with a touch of sophistication with prints and patterns!

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