Newlywed bedroom ideas

As newlyweds, decorating your first home will be a great opportunity to work together as a team and a great way to start your new life together. With your bedroom, you can create a place in your home that is comfortable and romantic, and also build your own sanctuary for you and your partner.

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When it comes to decorating your bedroom together, most men will simply go with their partner’s wishes. However, a man may draw the line at a really feminine room and have his own ideas about the kinds of furnishings or decorating that would look good. Choose a colour scheme that you are both happy with and let that form the backdrop to the room.


Add your own personal touches, for example, wedding photographs or even choose a piece of art that you both like. The whole point is creating an intimate and comfortable place for yourselves that you’re both happy with. Where possible, try to keep the room as uncluttered as possible, so try a storage bed. Nothing ruins a romantic mood more than having to fight your way into your bedroom!



Your bedding needs to be simple and easy to make, for the both of you. The easier a room is to keep tidy, the less chance there is of conflict occurring if one of you hasn’t tidied. So, it’s really important that you’re both comfortable in your bedroom.

Good lighting in the room is also important. There are many options available to create the right mood for your bedroom space. Choosing the right lighting can enhance your choice of decor and create an environment you can enjoy together.

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