Our new range of multi-functional bunk beds for your kids

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To celebrate the launch of our new intelligently designed multi-function children’s beds, we introduce the different products in the range and offer our top tips on what to look out for when choosing bunk beds for kids.


Before buying a bunk bed, the first question to ask yourself is what you’re going to be using the bunk for – is it as a permanent bed for your two children, or is it for occasional/sleepover use?

Do you actually need two full sized beds, or would having a multifunction desk/studio space and occasional sofa bed be better?




It’s no secret that children like to jump around, bounce and rock bunk beds, which is why it’s really important that children’s beds are stable, secure and safe enough to withstand the stresses and strains of boisterous nightly use!

Many of the children’s beds in the new range feature extra-sturdy 50mm posts, like the Freddie, which is designed to stand up to all the rough and tumble your little angels can throw at it, without breaking the bank.

Another area to check for strength is the steps or stairs to the top bunk, and it’s also worth checking that the safety rails on the top bunk are high enough to provide adequate protection to stop your child from rolling out and falling off in the night.


Before you start looking at all the different bunk beds for sale, it’s worth checking that your ceiling is high enough to cater for them – remember you don’t just need to fit the bed in, but you also need to leave enough space for your child!

To ensure that whoever is sleeping in the top bunk doesn’t bang their head in the middle of the night, it’s best to ensure that there is comfortably enough space for your child to sit up in bed with space to spare.

If your ceilings are too low, there are some alternative’s suitable for occasional use, like the Juliette frame, a trundle bed that folds out into an additional single, making it great for sleepovers.


Bunk beds can still be a great option for a single child, providing a main bed alongside occasional sleeping space for friends and relatives, and making the best use of space in smaller rooms.


The Alfie, Lola and Charlie Studio Bunks provide the best of both worlds – a single bunk, with a multifunction studio space below, including a practical desk for working on, and rollout sofa bed for occasional visitors. Great for creating an independent living and working area in a child’s bedroom, they are perfect for maximising space in smaller rooms.


If you’ve got an older child, but still need occasional sleeping space for guests, then the Ted is an excellent choice. Comprising a small double bed sitting underneath a single bunk, it’s a more grown-up alternative to the traditional bunk.




Whilst bunk beds might be fine for your two children now, at some point in the future, as they get older, you may want to provide them with their own space and separate children’s beds.


This where separating bunk beds like the Connie and Freddie come in. Starting out as bunk beds, these can be easily separated into two single beds, saving you the cost of splashing out on two new beds in a couple of year’s time.




There’s nothing ordinary about our newly launched range of multi-function children’s beds – every model in the range has been carefully designed to include some kind of special functionality to help you make the best use of your available space.


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