From naturalistic to futuristic kitchen ideas

traditional kitchen


Complete a home that has character with a timeless traditional kitchen. Simply work from the ground upwards. By finding the right flooring you’ll be able to match the ideal worktop and kitchen unit to it, which is why we recommend tile effect vinyl flooring with a fawn hue.

Soft beige furniture and walls will therefore fit in perfectly with the warmth of your new family kitchen. It will also brighten up your space, creating a gentle and open area for dining, cooking and entertaining.


high gloss modern kitchen


To modernise your kitchen, simply add sleek lines and futuristic, high gloss surfaces. Fit white wood effect vinyl flooring and promote as much natural light in the room as possible. Easily brighten up your area and emphasise your smooth kitchen unit whilst its high tech storage, which comes in abundance, keeps your cooking area uncluttered. Try out monochrome vinyl for the trendiest look and the most sophisticated finish.

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