Modern May Day rugs

Here in the UK we are fast approaching the May Day bank holiday which falls on the fifth day of the month. Although it has become a modern holiday, the celebrations actually originate from the Pagan festival of Beltane when numerous traditions were celebrated.

One lesser known May Day tradition is that of ‘Lumpy Rug Day’ which is usually celebrated on the 3rd of May. The tradition involves replacing your rugs in May and was originally meant to highlight the misdeeds of bigots who hide unwelcome truths ‘under the rug’.

If you’re looking to update your rug this May (whether to remove unwelcome truths or simply to update the look of your home), we have some great options to choose from.


Embrace spring with fun floral rugs that capture the vibrant atmosphere of the season. There are plenty of options to choose from, but something bold and beautiful is always recommended.

Combine a black background with vivid red and stark white in our Manhattan Red Floral Rug for a style that really pops.

manhattan red floral rug_1


Alternatively, opt for something a bit more subtle with a Chicago Floral Rug. Its combination of soft neutrals and muted colours really showcase the natural element of the design whilst its virtually stain-proof fibres make it a great investment.

chicago floral rug_0



Floral prints aren’t the only way you can introduce colour into your home this May Day so why not give the holiday a modern twist with a popular patterned rug?

Swirls are a great way to introduce colour in a free-flowing manner and really sum up the blending of colours which occurs during spring. Like our Washington red swirl rug that can add style instantly to any room:

washington red swirl rug_0


Another way to blend and introduce multiple colours is through geometric rug patterns that use block colours. Our Washington block rug is perfect for those wanting to introduce a little order into their homes and help with tying in different colour schemes together in a single room.

washington lilac rug block design

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