Naturalistic Wallpaper

Reminiscent of Victorian naturalistic collections, floral wallpaper designs are one of the top interior trends this year. Make your unforgettable style the next talking point of your dinner party. Simply add bright flooring to captivatingly contrast the repeated drawing on your wall. Below, our green carpet looks outstandingly beautiful next to the feminine pattern of flowers. How far are you willing to go to present your contemporary interior taste?

green flooring


For the business woman who loves interiors that ooze of soothing sophistication should use soft patterned wallpaper. For example, combine the black and white prints below with a simple, yet stylish, colour scheme of white, black and grey that will seamlessly complete your room’s interior.  Add black carpet and modern furniture for a minimalistic look as well as tactile ceramics for that perfect sleek finish.

natural wallpaper


Geometric Wallpaper

Be your own designer and use neutral coloured flooring that will provide you with a blank canvas for your creative ideas. Offset a strong and bold repetitive pattern with a plain coloured base, such as brown carpet. It will add warmth to your home, creating a cosy feel whilst continually emphasising your modern walls.

Award winning designer, Kirath Ghundoo, has done exactly this and has created a statement feature wall. Will you energise your home and become “the queen of pretty geometrics” too?

geometric wallpaper

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