Decorating a small bedroom can be quite challenging especially when you don’t have the luxury of space, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t give your bedroom a stylish look!

With a few tricks, you can maximise on the space that you do have, giving it a fabulous appearance.

You can’t enlarge your small bedroom, but you can work with multifunctional furniture, which will help save space, and light-coloured flooring that gives the illusion of a bigger room.


Cashmere 2500 drw


*Image Shows Cashmere 2500 Divan

When you have limited space, it’s not advisable to have large pieces of furniture, as they take up a lot of space and can also restrict your movement. So use multifunctional furniture as a practical alternative.

For instance, since the bed takes up the most space, you could choose a bed that has drawers underneath. That way, you can avoid having furniture units on your walls and floor. You could also try a sofa bed, which you can fold away to have some extra room when the bed is not in use.


white flooring bedroom


*Image Shows White Vinyl

Plain and lighter colours can make a room appear bigger than it actually is. So if you have a small room, consider installing white flooring and if you need to incorporate any carpets or rugs, stick to the lighter colour varieties as well.

Top Tip: Try and avoid items with bold and huge patterns since these can easily overwhelm the space.

With a small bedroom, you could probably rearrange your items from time to time to maximise on every inch; but by purchasing the right furniture and flooring, you’re bound to achieve more pleasing results.

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