It’s National Pet Month from April 1st to May 4th and all kinds of furry friends around the UK will see the benefit this year.

Aimed at promoting responsible pet ownership and making people aware of the benefits of pets and the contribution to society that working companion animals bring, there is plenty of fun to be had for all ages at events around the country.

Every pet owner already knows how much joy a much-loved animal can bring to all the family, so giving something back is always a pleasure and we’ve got the perfect gift: a brand new dog bed made from an off-cut of spare carpet.

Golden Retriever lying on a shaggy rug medium

Canine capers

Given the choice, most dogs would probably love to sleep on the biggest and comfiest bed in the house. Although far more dog owners than you might think allow this, it can cause problems when it comes to general behaviour.

This is because dogs are pack animals and need to have defined boundaries set for them so that they know what is acceptable and what isn’t allowed. Letting a dog sleep on your bed can cause it to think it is the leader of the pack and this can lead to considerable problems further down the line.

Making your dog sleep in a particular place can be a big part of letting it know who’s boss but you can still make it comfortable for them.

Little terrier lying on a bed

Why use old carpet?

Using old carpets can be a practical way to make a great bed for your dog. Not only will it be warm for your furry friend, it will also be hardwearing and easy to clean for you. Talk about double benefits.

By using off-cuts or old patterned carpet you can make your dog’s bed blend in with your decor as much as you want to. Take a look around your room and see how patterned carpets and rugs have been used and whether these off-cuts would make a good bed for your pooch or whether you’d prefer a plain piece of carpet in a corresponding colour.

You’ll also want to think carefully about the type of carpet. Those with big loops can get easily caught in pet claws, causing tips and tears so always look for pet-friendly choices.

Once you’ve made your choice, position the piece of carpet carefully and surround it with your dog’s favourite things to help them identify it as their own. You might want to rub toys on the surface of the carpet or leave their new bed out of sight for a while so it smells like the rest of your home and doesn’t come across as a foreign object to your canine.

You should choose a suitable location for the bed which is based on where your dog normally sleeps but is not in the centre of the room so as not to present a trip hazard. Think of the new bed as a type of rug, only placed closer to walls or in a dedicated corner of the room.

Carpetright brown striped carpet

Once your dog has had time to adjust, we’re sure they’ll love their new bed and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a good looking home that matches striped carpet with simple dog beds.

You can order free samples now to see if the carpet is suitable for your dog and your room!