Tiles, carpet, hardwood flooring – they are all perfectly fine, but when it comes to choosing a practical, hardwearing and attractive floor for your conservatory, we reckon quality laminate flooring is the undisputed king.

Here’s why:


One of the biggest advantages of laminate is the price – it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of flooring any room, and conservatories are no exception.

As a comparison, even the best laminate flooring will work out at less than half the price of an equivalent hardwood floor, and unlike hardwood flooring, quality laminate won’t fade in the sun, so it will look its best for longer as well.

Price wise, it compares favourably with carpet, and you’ll get a higher specification laminate than carpet for the same money.


Some people are reluctant to opt for laminate because of pre-conceptions about it looking ‘plastic’, or like fake wood – but this just isn’t the case.

Quality laminate flooring doesn’t have to look or even feel like laminate – there are great products available in a huge range of finishes, textures and colours.

Whether you’re looking for something to authentically imitate rustic wooden flooring, contemporary tiles or classic stone floors, there’s a laminate available at a fraction of the cost – so why pay more?




Laminate is the easiest kind of flooring to clean, making it an excellent choice for active households, and perfect for conservatories that back on to muddy gardens – simply dust or vacuum it, and give it a mop once in a while.

As laminate doesn’t absorb dust in the same way that carpet does, it’s also better for family members who suffer from asthma or allergies.

It’s extremely stain, scratch and impact resistant, and capable of withstanding extreme pressures, so you can put any furniture you like on it without fear of causing damage.




Laying laminate flooring in conservatories is much easier than laying other kinds of floor, and if you’re a confident DIY’er, you may be able to do it yourself (or you can get help from our approved expert fitters).

This is because laminate floors simply snap together using a tongue and groove system, and don’t require and special glue or nails.


Come to Carpetright, and you’ll find a comprehensive range of the best laminate flooring, all at great prices. With something to suit every taste and requirement, you’re sure to find the perfect laminate to match your conservatory.

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