Living room rug design ideas

The perfect accessory for any home, rugs help increase warmth and comfort in your living space when placed on both carpeted floors and laminate.

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary styles or traditional rugs, we’re sure to have what you need.

Here are some key living room rug design ideas for you to consider when decorating.




Image shows Chicago Lilac Triangle rug

Just as a plain wall can be brightened up with a picture, you can bring a plain carpet to life with a bold piece of floor art. Geometric rug patterns work especially well for this.

STAND BY TRADITIONparis lifestyle shot

Image shows Paris rug

Traditional rugs are a great way to complete a home with character. With their beautiful patterns and deep shades they’re sure to create a warming and welcoming finish that your traditional home needs.




Image shows Chicago Green Floral rug

If you want to make a living space look beautiful and feminine then floral prints are ideal. A neutral base colour fits in with any design style and can be complemented with other soft furnishings for a seamless look.

Something bolder can look equally great in modern homes that want to show artistic flair.

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