Why you should listen to Pantone for colour advice for your home

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Decorating you home can be difficult; especially when it comes to selecting the right colours. With such a wide palette at your disposal, it can be hard to know what shade will look best in your home – no matter how many colour charts and sample pots you get through!

Thankfully, Pantone has been offering advice on this subject for a number of years – helping homeowners to decorate without difficulty.

But why should you listen to Pantone for colour advice?


Pantone is not a newcomer to the design world – in fact, they’ve been an authority on colour for as long as 50 years! From the 60s to the 00s, they have always done their bit to celebrate colour and the role it plays in expressing current attitudes and emotions and reflecting cultures.

Pantone explain that “colour is all emotion” and that you should allow colour to speak to you when making selections for your home. This will enable you to select the best wall colour, the best carpet and the best decorative accessories to create the ideal look in your home.

As the years pass, Pantone update their colour selections to make relevant statements about the time. While shades of Hot Pink, Vermillion Orange and Cyan Blue were popular in the 60s when youth culture erupted and social revolution was rife, this toned down considerably in the 00s when the technology revolution took hold and homeowners were left seeking a balance between minimalism and individuality.

Muted colours like Satellite and Lavender Aura provided the background to this decade while brighter shades like Chilli Pepper and Mimosa added pops of individuality that helped homeowners put their own stamp on style.




Pantone don’t just pick colours and interior decorating trends out of thin air either; they take a well-researched approach towards finding the latest must-haves so that you can create a home which is on style.

Their experts visit cities from all over the world to pick up inspiration from all four corners of the globe. As well as reviewing common international trends they also consider major world events and the influence of the art and entertainment industry.

In 2014, the World Cup hosted in Brazil was one of the biggest events and the bright colours which dominated the sporting event were picked up by Pantone.

This means that if Pantone highlight brown rugs as a key trend, you know they’re not just making a random selection!




More than just highlighting trends, Pantone also offer clear advice and direction on how to bring these styles into your home. Their annual ‘colour of the year’ provides great inspiration for budding decorators but they also suggest complementary shades to use alongside your base colour to help you build accents and decorate like a pro.

For 2014, Pantone named Radiant Orchid as their colour of year with other shades which shared this accolade in earlier years including Emerald, Tangerine Tango, Honeysuckle and Turquoise.

The diversity of Pantone’s selections is clear – demonstrating how this authority on colour is dedicated to helping homeowners create the very best living environments they can.

Whether this means finding neutral wall colours to complement your red carpet or brightening up a muted room with an accent wall of vivid colour depends on you and your own personal preferences.

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