Why laminate oak flooring is a better option than using real wood

Wood floors are always in fashion and with their natural tones look beautiful in the home. Not everyone wants to install real wood – it’s expensive and a big deal to install – so when you can get a similar look with an easier and more affordable alternative why wouldn’t you? Oak laminate flooring for example is quite simply a fantastic alternative.



Promising a high quality finish that looks as good as the real thing – but without the high cost – it really is a better option for your home. Here’s why:


As well as wishing to protect the environment, many families can’t afford to invest in an oak floor. Also, laminate floors are a lot easier to install than a timber surface ad as the laminate is manufactured from pressed wood it is easier to clean and maintain too.


Wooden floors look beautiful but they require a lot of upkeep and this is one reason why some people opt for a laminate surface. High heels can be a nightmare for anyone trying to protect their real wood floors as they leave marks that remain until the floor can be sanded and re-varnished. They rarely damage laminate surfaces and you’ll find that small scratches from dog claws or other items are easily rectified or disguised from view.



Similarly, the vast selection of laminate floor styles means that you can find the perfect oak replica floor for your home. From light to dark grains and thin to thick planks, it is all available.


If you have an active family with accompanying kids and dogs, you’ll be better off with a laminate floor than real oak wood. You’ll only have to wipe the surface of your floor if something is spilled on to it and you won’t have to apply any polish or worry about stains. You can always add a rug or mat to inject a little warmth if you’re worried about laminate being a cold flooring choice.


As well as investing in a modern or traditional rug to break up laminate floors in large rooms, you’ll also want to think carefully about your accompanying furniture. Less is definitely more, so a few well chosen items of furniture placed on a wide expanse of flooring will look wonderful and as there are so many styles and shades of laminate oak flooring available you are sure to find something that matches your existing wooden furniture perfectly.

When shopping, think carefully of how your wooden flooring look will fit into your home and dress any furniture with appropriate accessories – cushions, throws and curtains which match rugs are a great option and you may want to create a contrast in colours.

Bright or pale coloured furnishings in a room with dark laminate flooring is a stylish combination but you can always reverse it for smaller rooms which may benefit from a lighter floor colour that creates the illusion of space.

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