The kitchen is usually the most well used room of any home, so it is vital that your kitchen is easy to clean – but also warm and welcoming. This is the space where your family or house mates gather, but it’s also the place where you prepare food so hygiene is an absolute must.
As well as using kitchen worktops, wall tiles and cupboards that are easy to clean, you should consider the cleanliness and the style of your kitchen floor – especially if you have pets or young children running around the house.
Laminate flooring is a great addition for any kitchen as it is particularly versatile and most of all easy to maintain. There are plenty of great designs to choose from too … and here are some of our favourites.


Wood-effect laminate flooring is always a great option for homes and you’ll find plenty of different shades and grain colours available. From tri-coloured patterns to light woods or authentic-looking rustic shades, laminate flooring has it all.
Above Image: Wood effect laminate flooring.


As well as traditional coloured wood-effect laminates, you’ll also find plenty of darker coloured laminate options which are perfect for busy homes. They don’t show marks as easily as lighter colours and really blend well with a range of colour schemes.
Whatever your decision, laminate flooring comes in many options and price points, and we’re confident you will find the right flooring solution that matches your kitchen’s style.
Want to try laminate flooring in your kitchen? Order free samples and try out a range of styles!

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