Introducing monochrome into your home

Monochrome is the presentation of black and white in the varying tones of just one colour; a theme that has taken the world of both fashion & interior design by storm. Whilst this style has been adopted by the top design houses of Milan, Paris and New York – why not inject a bit of the black and white stuff into your humble abode?


Dining room with modern monochrome interior

The monochrome trend made its debut in the sixties but year on year the mono movement descends into the fashion world like a welcome season. The shades look impeccable whether they embody squares, circles, dogtooth, paisley or even stripes. It is timeless in every sense of the word and transcends through time, gender and class to grace our catwalks, high streets and even our homes.


From an interior point-of-view, shades of black and white can exude a sense of masculinity so, this colour palette is ideal for an innovative male who wants to show off his good taste and keen eye for interior style. Mono lends itself to everything in the home, quite literally. From a kitchen drenched in mono with black units, to white vinyl flooring, black and white accessories and even your glassware and crockery. If you’re committing to this mode then you may as well go all out!

Carpetreight Mardi Gras Dublin monochrome vinyl floor

Onto the living room now and there is nothing else that makes a statement quite like a black carpet. White walls will look clean and crisp alongside this, but you could also take it up a notch and complement them with one black feature wall which works fantastically as a focal point for the room.


The bathroom lends itself perfectly to this trend seeing as the majority of wall tiles tend to be white. So, why not splash out on solid black floor tiles or a dark hardwood floor for an expressive contrast? Again, this space allows you to have fun with your accessories; everything from your toothbrush holder, to your toilet roll stand, soap dispenser and toilet seat can be black or white or both – and don’t forget about your blinds. Complete this monochrome look with some black and white monogrammed towels and your bathroom will be magnificent.


The calming influence of the black and white colour scheme means that it is also the perfect choice for your bedroom. A dark grey or black headboard looks classy and sits nicely next to black floor-length curtains and if you are brave enough (and have no children) choose a stark white carpet for that added touch.

Carpetright Prestige bed headboard

Introducing monochrome into your home doesn’t have to be daunting; change things up a bit and allow your living space to stand out from the rest. One thing is for sure; your home will never go out of style.

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