Interview with designer – Kirath Ghundoo

Pattern and wallpaper designer, Kirath Ghundoo, launched a new wallpaper collection with dramatic appeal and modern impact. Alina Isaev from Carpetright has caught up with her to find out what inspires her designs and interior style…

Kirath's wallpaper Carpetright's carpet


What is the inspiration behind your trendy geometrical wallpaper designs?

My inspirations transpire from everywhere. My designs are a massive fusion of all my favourite things from high end to street fashion, architecture, travels, conversations! I take snippets from a variety of sources and amalgamate them into a striking print.

Would you ever hang your wallpaper upside-down or horizontally?

Yes! Let’s rip up the rulebook. My papers can be hung upside down and horizontally, it has been done many times before and always looks grand! It’s interesting how two different customers can buy the same pattern yet use them in an individualised way to create a striking feature wall. One roll – many looks!

How do you go about choosing the flooring to go with the wallpaper?

I think it very much depends on your style preferences. With my wallpapers I would go for a neutral carpet, as it could look rather chaotic with a patterned carpet and busy wallpaper. However I absolutely love patterned carpets, there seems to be a reoccurring trend, a contrasting wall and carpet can look very chic if styled well.

How do you keep your interior looking great? Do you update it often?

I think it’s important to keep updating your interior space. After all, home is where the heart is – it’s a private place where you relax. Sometimes little changes can make a huge difference to a space, like ornaments I have collected from my travels. Recently, I updated a bedroom with my ‘13’ wallpaper collection, which changed the room’s energy immediately. I find it so warm and inviting now.

Casablanca patterned carpet

Do you prefer modern or traditional homes?

I love the fusion of both. I like the idea of transforming a rundown house and putting your stamp on it. I’m not too keen on super contemporary spaces though, as I like interiors with a bit more character and an element of history.

Would you choose bold or neutral colours for your home?

I have a mixture of both! It all depends on the space and the purpose of it. My wallpapers can be quite bold so having them everywhere would be rather chaotic. It’s all about being selective.

What is your favourite Carpetright flooring?

As you may have guessed, I love great patterns! That is why my favourite Carpetright flooring would be the patterned carpet in the Casablanca range (pictured above). I think it adds warmth to an interior space, which is lovely.

What is the most quirky accessory that you’ve used as decoration?

I love having my books and magazines piled up on the floor as quirky feature. Recently, I would have to say a yellow rubber duck given to me as a present certainly draws some attention.

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