Interior ideas with modern rugs

Even the smallest of rugs can make big impact, transforming the interior of any room! Here’s some inspiration for your rug redecorating projects…


floral rugs


Image shows Chicago floral rug

Add accents of beautiful pastel colours, like this soft green above, into your interior for a trendy, fresh look in your home. There are lots of contemporary rugs with great designs that come in a range of colour choices, which means you’ll be able to create the look at you desire with ease.


Chicago striped rug


Image shows Chicago Multi Striped Rug

If you can’t decide on one colour to update your room decor, why not have a look at beige, green and purple rugs with a striped design. That means you’ll be able to decorate with many different coloured accessories and bring them all together with the rug.

Striped rugs are great for elongating room as well as adding colour to the home!


geometric rugs_0


Image shows Chicago Triangle Rug

From stripes to floral rug designs, you can create the perfect urban look in your home. This geometric rug is one of our favourite modern rugs that shows off personality and style. Why not make it your room’s centrepiece and watch it become the next talking point at a dinner party?


Balmoral Cream rug


Image shows Balmoral Cream shaggy rug

Stick your toes into the soft textures of a shaggy rug. Its timeless colour and style is sure to impress. Shaggy rugs are particularly great for bedrooms, as your feet are sure to be comforted as you get out of bed in the morning.

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