Did you know that in the UK 2015 is ‘The Year of Mexico’? Probably not, but the UK and Mexican governments have teamed up to celebrate each other’s cultures all year long. Maybe you’re more aware of the latest Bond film due to be released this month, which is partly set in Mexico. Whichever hook you hang it on, Mexican style is big this year, and now is the time when the hot and colourful look of Mexican design is ripe for bringing into your own home. Think year-round vibrancy and warmth, even when it’s less than balmy in the British Isles. Here is our guide to how to get a taste of Mexico in your own home.

Carnival of colour

The first association with Mexico is, of course, the vibrancy of the colours used to brighten up the inside and outside of buildings there. Last year, Queen of up-cycling Zoe Murphy decamped with her whole team to spend the summer drawing inspiration from the country, and her Instagram of the trip gives plenty of food for thought. It’s not just the use of hot colours – yellows, pinks, reds, oranges and purples – but also the bold combination of more than one at once that defines the look. For your own home you could think about using a warm yellow for the walls in a room (great for kitchens) and adding an extra punch of colour with red and pink accessories or soft furnishings. Want to go bolder? Paint one wall a strong yellow and the facing wall a pink… clashes aren’t to be feared so be brave!


Patchwork pattern

Another inspiring aspect of Mexican design is the use of pattern – geometric, abstract patterns and more folk-inspired native prints of flowers and foliage. The key is to mix up patterns so that you create a patchwork effect. Tiles or vinyl flooring can be ideal for this – the Mardi Gras range has a flooring that gives the effect of mismatched patterned tiles that is bang-on for this look – or mix colourful stripes with zig-zags with bold-colour plains. There should be slightly too much to take in at once, so have fun.

Mardi Gras 533 Filez Patterned Tile Vinyl Flooring

Festival fabrics

A great way to get a taste of Mexico in the home without going all-out is to stick to accessories and soft furnishings. Throws, rugs in bright stripes, cushions and curtains will all help to lift a room and give it some Mexican heat. Traditional fabrics are often heavily embroidered with colourful flower and bird motifs, or a kaleidoscope of geometric details. You can find this on the high-street at the moment, with designers like Niki Jones also a great option for buying folklore-style fabric accessories.

Go to the source

Much of the basis of Mexican style comes from the distinctive folk art and accessories. You’ll be familiar with the skull and skeleton iconography of the Day of the Dead festival, but tin ornaments featuring folk figures, religious icons and brightly coloured ‘paper cut’ wall hangings are also typical. If you don’t have the air fare to Mexico right now, then there are specialist shops online selling authentic Mexican art, tiles and homewares – try Milagros for wonderful bits and pieces. Add in some colourful basketware and some coloured glass vases and your home will soon be sizzling in the Mexican heat.

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