Incorporating white into your home


Finding the right colour to decorate your home can be difficult with so much choice and trends constantly changing. Opting to incorporate white into your house can instantly modernise a room, giving a clean and crisp feel.

Here are some quick hints and tricks on how to incorporate the colour white into your home this year.


Nothing is more calming than an all-white living room. Whether your taste and style is boho, chic or minimalist – the colour white suits all.

You could opt for an off-white that incorporates soft greys or taupe, and also brown rugs in an all-white room add an injection of warmth to the room. This will ensure the room is nice and cosy for those cold winter evenings.

You could also go for a cosy white setting. This involves big, plush white sofas with long, heavy, thick curtains and an old wooden coffee table. If you have wooden flooring, laminate or vinyl then why not add a white rug for extra comfort that’s still on style?

If you are feeling really daring then you could even have an exposed white brick wall in your sitting room and paint it white – an ultra-modern look that can be either industrial or contemporary.


CR-ED040 White Kitchen with white appliances and vinyl flooring

White works beautifully in the kitchen as it reflects light rather than absorbing it. This will allow your kitchen to look as spacious as possible, without the expense of building an extension!

Many designers believe that too much white in your kitchen can cause it to look a little sterile and cold. The best way to get around this is to incorporate some natural wood into the mix as this will warm up the room whilst keeping it looking fresh. It is also worth noting that white and shades of grey work really well together in kitchens.

If your kitchen has French doors that open up into your garden then white is definitely a good colour to have. This will leave your kitchen feeling bright and airy which is perfect for when you are cooking that big roast dinner.


Many of us like a white bedroom – it feels clean, fresh, and bright and can also make a room appear larger than it is. This is especially favourable if you have a smaller bedroom, however it is important to introduce lots of different textures to stop it from appearing cold.

Platinum Virgin White Wood Effect Vinyl

A great way to add texture is the addition of faux leather beds. With the addition of leather, you have an added texture and layer to the room from the white walls.

If you choose to keep the entire room the same shade of white rather than mixing it up a little then you should be sure to incorporate some shades of grey now and again. This will add depth to the room and stop it from looking too clinical.

In a bedroom we want warmth, not coldness, and adding some wood to the room will achieve this. Go for natural-looking grains in your furniture for a classic combination or use white painted furniture with coloured accessories and furnishings for something minimalist.


Incorporating white into your home isn’t difficult – as long as you stick to the rules. Add several shades of white and different textures to each room to ensure your house has a homely feel and enjoy the bliss which this trend can bring.

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