The ideal bed placement

We believe that to feel fully at ease in your bedroom, your bed must be placed the best possible position. Even Feng Shui, a Chinese energy system that believes a particular mood can be created using your interior arrangement, states a number of key factors that should be followed in order to have clean and positive energy in your bedroom. Use your bed in a most effective way and form a tranquil bedroom that is ideal for your relaxation.

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Good Bed Placement Tips

Ever wonder where to put your bed in the bedroom? Here are some tips:

Place your bed against a wall

For comfort, we recommend setting your headboard against a wall so that you can see everything that is happening in your room when you are lying down. You can rest easy if you follow this bed tip because it prevents anybody standing behind your bed without your knowledge and frightening you.

Keep away from windows

In Feng Shui terms, energy is said to enter and leave through windows and doors to staying clear of this pathway is advisable for the ultimate night’s sleep. Practical reasons also urge us to keep clear of windows, both for safety purposes and keeping away from the cold.

Set your bed away from the door

Place your bed as far from the door as comfortably possible to help you get the widest scope possible of your bedroom. This way, you will always know what is happening in your bedroom, which will keep you at ease and relaxed when everything is in order.

Why not set the bed opposite your door so that the bed becomes the centrepiece of your bedroom as it’s the first thing that guests see when they walk in?

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It’s a simple fact that a bed and a healthy night’s rest are vital for your health and well being. We suggest you experiment with the best bed placement in your bedroom and create a place where you can feel truly comfortable. Drift off into sleep with ease today!

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