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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the colour pink might be ballerinas, tutus and frills, but pink just turned sexy. If you get the hue right, this shade can be cheery and sophisticated whether you’re 8 years old … or 80.

Drawing inspiration directly from the Carpetright Look Book, we make suggestions on how you can decorate your bedroom in hot pinks, and keep it more king and queen than prince or princess.


You don’t have to cover every single surface in pink to make an impact. A feature or accent wall is often much more effective. If you go for a really hot, deep pink on the wall behind your bed then you’re really showing some bravery!

Alternatively a shade that is somewhere between hot pink and purple will transform your bedroom into a seductive palace. It’s definitely a luxurious, romantic and lush colour, rather than a juvenile shade more commonly associated with a kids’ bedroom.

It’s also possible to create a hot pink bedroom while keeping the walls white – all you need is a pink divan bedframe or why not go for a bright pink luxury carpet instead?




Your bedroom will really turn into a pink paradise if you go all out with a bold colour for the floor. Something like our Virgo Pink carpet, which is part of the ‘power pastels’ trend for 2014, can make a real statement. However, it’s best to pair this with white walls and furniture.

Again, when creating a sultry hot pink bedroom you need to keep away from the princess look so opt for something much darker and full of mystery on the floor. Our Nordic Berber Beige Square Carpet will add another dimension to your room.


Pink can be incredibly sophisticated. Achieve this look by pairing it with metallics, such as gold and silver, and the crisp colour of white. For example, if you have a chair at your dressing table, paint the wood white, cover the seat in pink and use silver studs to hold it in place.

The same goes for the bed. This takes centre stage in your bedroom, so make sure it is in keeping with the rest of your theme. Not all pink beds are girls beds; you can have a beautiful, pretty yet elegant bed if you use the colour well. Also opt for a king size bed for added effect.


One way to make a huge impact in any room is with a pop of colour; in this case hot pink! You can introduce this playful hue with your accessories and whether it’s the cushions on the chairs, the throw over the bed, the lampshade or the rug you’ll have plenty of fun putting it all together.

Introducing hot pink into a bedroom can be a bold move, but if you use the tips above to get it right your bedroom will be fit for any king or queen.

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