Home office design ideas – hints & tips

Whether you work from home or are simply looking to create a stylish study corner, a home office can be a great place for the whole family. Browse the internet or do personal business in style as well as in peace!


orange vinyl home office


*Image Shows True Colours Vinyl

If you want to avoid the corporate office look, add personality by using colourful vinyl flooring. An orange vinyl can add warmth as well as practicality to the room. Vinyl is easy to maintain so it’s perfect for busy home office areas.  Be sure to utilise all of your space effectively but adding cabinets, shelves and plenty of desk area. Comfortable seating is essential too, especially if you spend a lot of time in working from home.


orange vinyl home office


*Image Shows Rhino Step Vinyl

A home office needs to be a calming area in which you feel motivated. That’s why a sophisticated look can help you take your tasks more seriously, whilst still working in a stylish environment.

If you have a small space to work with, why not paint one wall where you’ve set the desk, differentiating the space to the rest of your room, which will help you concentrate more!


rug home office


*Image Shows Black Carpet & Modern Rug

Represent your business through your office appearance. If you’re focused on urban work, then try adding a pop of colour to the room. It will add interest as well as promote the modern side to your business. A geometric patterned rug with sleek furniture is sure to impress.

Top Tip: Help guide as much natural light into the room as possible to create a fresh and bright scene that will help you simultaneously relax and concentrate.


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