Home improvement ideas

It’s a new year so start afresh! With more and more families deciding to extend rather than move homes, it’s no surprise to see that home improvement is becoming a big deal.

There are many possibilities that can provide solutions to your daily requirements, be it useful utilisation of space or simply creating a fresh interior that you can be proud of.


kitchen extension toucan


Image shows Toucan vinyl range

Think about adding an extra bathroom to your house to accommodate a growing family. With extra space it’s sure to cut down a few arguments between the teenagers. Maybe a kitchen extension will be a better decision though as these can make a big difference, especially if you build it with compact storage solutions in mind.

Most often though, families seek extra bedrooms and find the solution to be in attic renovations. It’s a great way to give your child a room of their own as well as add value to your property.


Image shows Aspen carpet range

There are good reasons why carpet is a favourite flooring type for most British homeowners. From thermal insulating properties that help cut down energy bills during the winter to their stylish appearance, you’re sure to find a carpet practical as well as beautiful.

If you’re looking for flooring that’s super easy to clean and maintain have a look at wood effect laminate. Similarly, vinyl flooring is a great choice and most come with a water resistant surface that makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.


chicago rug and Capri bed


Image shows Chicago rug

If you’re on a budget, home decorating is a great way to go. Try adding simple decorations, such as lamp shades, vases and plants for a homier feel or why not buy an affordable rug to add interest to any room in an instant.

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