Halloween ideas at Carpetright


The end of October is soon approaching. While the weather is getting worse our moods are being lifted because we all know that 31st October is an excuse to celebrate in a fun and exciting way. So whether you are putting a Halloween costume on, throwing a party or simply putting up spooky décor to entertain the children, we have some great Halloween ideas that will give you that little extra helping hand.

If you are starting from scratch then what better flooring to choose than black? Not only is it a practical colour that does not show dirt and stains but it is also an added atmospheric to a ‘haunted house’ look.

Black carpet with white furniture means that when you add a UV backlight, it will have a luminous effect on your surroundings. Add some spiders and cobwebs in the corner and you’re ready to invite your guests to your Halloween styled lounge!

champion black carpet

Don’t only use dark coloured carpet because vinyl also comes in various designs. Black vinyl can really provide that needed antique look, where orange pumpkins and scary candle lights will be reflected to frighten the trick or treaters.

Barcelona black vinyl


If your child is having a sleepover Halloween party, remember that a metal bed is super easy to decorate with eerie and mysterious objects, such as eyeballs, worms and even confetti. Make it the ideal haunted bedroom with black flooring and a metal bed. It’s the epitome of a Halloween bedroom!

Lastly, there are many spooky Halloween decoration ideas that can complete your horror scene. For example, why not position ghosts, ghouls and witches in the corners of your landing, so that they can stare at their victims as they walk on by. Mwahaha!

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