With so many inspirational ideas and designs available, your perfect girl’s bedroom may not even have to involve pink or glitter. By combining a variety of themes and getting your girl to add some ideas of her own, you’ll end up with a bedroom that you’re both happy with.

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Ideally, your girl’s bedroom should be adapted as she grows. This doesn’t have to be big changes. For example, as she grows from a toddler to a young girl, you can make improvements to her that reflects her growing personality. Start by getting a suitable paint colour for the walls. Pink, purple, red, vibrant blues and lime green are among some of the most preferred colors for girls’ bedrooms. The bedroom furniture, bedding and general décor can also play a big role – that is, if you want to see a complete transformation.

Don’t forget the lighting. Whether you work with lamps or natural lighting, there has to be enough of it to brighten the place and make it easier for your child or teen to get on with her activities.

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Apart from painting the walls, you’ll also need to get different items to make the room more functional, especially as your daughter gets older…

A bookcase can be a useful addition to her bedroom, since it will provide great storage space for her favourite books and special mementos.

A dresser, a desk and a bedside table are also some of the other items you can consider.

Rugs or carpets are an easy way to add a pop of color.

A good bed is a must when it comes to creating a comfortable and beautiful place to rest and spend time with friends. So, think about adding a unique metal bed or a practical storage bed that’s sure to keep her room tidy as well as impress her friends.

A perfect girls’ bedroom will definitely be appreciated and may well win you The Best Parent in the World award. So, why not take a look at our children’s bedroom Pinterest board for even more ideas?

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