Many interior design trends are inspired by what’s hot and what’s not in the fashion world, and the latest one to make the transition from coat to conservatory is tartan.

Influenced by the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games and the independence referendum, tartan is a new trend for autumn/winter. It is the perfect material pattern, and colour for creating a warm and homely feel, and works in a variety of ways; from upholstered chairs to curtains and carpets.

Here we look at the popularity of this highland theme and why tartan will not only be a great look for your wardrobe, but your living room too!




If you’re not sure why everyone is crazy about this new trend then just take a look at all of these reasons to choose tartan:

– It’s different

​Are you fed up of living in a beige box? Make a statement with a tartan patterned carpet. This fabulous pattern is set to turn up the heat in autumn and winter 2014.

– It’s bold

​While it’s a brave choice, tartan can really work in your home. The trick is to use it sparingly. If you’re going all out with tartan flooring, don’t go over the top with fabrics and throws elsewhere or you’ll reduce its impact and make the room seem too busy.

ED0296 - tartan


– It’s luxurious

​If it’s good enough for the royals, it’s good enough for! Picture yourself sitting beside a crackling fire, in a darkened room with a wee dram of whisky. Tartan is the perfect addition to any luxury, country home.

– It’s British

​It may be most commonly associated with Scotland, but tartan is quintessentially British as there are varieties from all across the Isles.


Once you’ve decided to embrace the tartan trend you’ll need to think long and hard about the type you want to bring into your home. There are tartans for clans, districts, regiments, the royals, for mourning and more universal ones so think about what you’d like to see in your home. Our Highland Design tartan carpet comes in six different colours, so whatever colour scheme you have for your room, you’ll be able to find a tartan to match.

Choose from:

– Grey/black

– Beige/black

– Red/blue

– Red/black

– Blue/green

– Green/black

If you’re redecorating your entire living room, not just changing the carpet, you can choose whichever colour you like the best and one of the best ways to continue the theme throughout the room without it becoming overbearing is by picking out one of the colours and using it to accessorise.


While we think that a tartan carpet is the perfect way to transform your living room into a highland paradise, we appreciate that some people are looking for a more subtle way to introduce this beautiful fabric.

Start out with by adding plaid cushions or throws on the sofa and duvet covers and blankets on the bed. If you like the look and dare to go further, you can always move on and fit the carpet in another room.


Once you’ve started the theme in your living room, you can carry it on not only by picking out accent colours but by accessorising with other country-style pieces, warm and cosy colours, and thick fabrics.

Transform your home into a fabulous country retreat by going into another popular autumn/winter trend: animals. A stag’s head on the wall, a fox on a cushion, dogs in paintings, and ornaments of squirrels – they all add to the effect.

Tartan can be enjoyed by everyone, not just the Scots … but remember you don’t need to go overboard to enjoy this charming Celtic pattern. A little goes a long way!

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