Give your bedroom a Candy Crush makeover

Candy Crush isn’t just a game we are all guilty of playing on the train to work. It’s also a huge interior design fashion statement that summer 2015 is about to witness.

Bright blues, punchy pinks and yell-out-loud yellows are all set to find their way into our homes but there’s no need to dust off your sunglasses just yet. Injecting vibrant colours into your home doesn’t mean covering every wall in a bold shade. There are plenty of ways to add subtle pops of colour without going OTT – just following these Candy Crush design tips.

Candy crush coloured chairs

Lay a coloured carpet

Your choice of carpet will have a huge impact on the overall theme and tone of any room in your home so why not go big, bold and bright in the bedroom?

Aqua, blue, red, green, purple and pink are all great colour choices for any room and look great when combined with neutral walls. Fuchsia is a particularly good choice if you want to embrace the Candy Crush vibes while aqua and turquoise help to combine stylish elegance with bright shades for something a little more sophisticated.

bright pink carpet

Fit a bright headboard

If you want to add a splash of colour to your bedroom – but without making it impossible to sleep – then opt for a brightly coloured headboard. This way you’ll lift the overall appearance of your room in the daytime but not be surrounded by distracting colours when trying to get some shut-eye.

We recommend red headboards for a splash of romance or blue for something a little more dark and mysterious.

red chenille bed headboard

Use coloured furniture

Although you need to be careful not to choose something a little too ‘pre-school’, coloured furniture is still a great way to add bright bursts of colour to your home and works particularly well in the bedroom.

Kids’ rooms are naturally geared up for coloured furniture but you can also make this style work in an adult bedroom if you style it right. This might mean opting for a subtle colour – such as white – for the main bedframe and furniture and accentuating with coloured bedding and other accessories rather than going all out with a bright bed.

White furniture with accented colours not only look stylish but can also reduce the chance of you being distracted by neon furniture.

bright coloured chairs

Add finishing touches

Finally, finish off your Candy Crush bedroom with a few small embellishments and decorations. Bright coloured scatter cushions for the bed and side lamps with bold lampshades all work well and provide the perfect injection of colour without overpowering the room.

Alternatively, a rug can introduce numerous colours at once for those who don’t want to be pinned down to a single shade when choosing their embellishments. For example the Washington lilac rug below incorporates a hint of candy colour, without being too full on.

Keep the walls and largest items of furniture plain and neutral and let your accessories speak for themselves to become a true Candy Crush master.

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