Getting your bedroom ready for Easter

Fresh looks and bold, bright colours are all the rage this season. Even when the weather’s not behaving, you can bring spring inside by updating your decor and adding bright and breezy soft tones.

From classic pastels to the popular tutti-frutti trend, use a palette of candy colours to get your home ready for Easter. It’s time to liven up your bedroom and leap into spring – so read on to find out how you can do this with your bedroom décor.



Image shows blue carpet

Now’s the time to move away from earthy tones and onto fresh, funky colours; pastel pink, blue, green and yellow are all guaranteed to make you feel like spring has sprung in your bedroom.

You can start with a pale pastel carpet as a base and fill your room with soft furnishings, bedding and even a feature wall in bolder shades.


Carpet Dynasty


Image shows New Dynasty carpet

Spring colours don’t have to be pale to be interesting. If you feel like your bedroom needs an even brighter injection of colour, take a look at our bold new carpet shades.


Chicago floral rug


Image shows Chicago floral rug

Flowers are springing up in your garden, why not in your bedroom too? If your carpet is plain you can bring spring inside with a beautiful floral rug or floral curtains. Fill ornamental vases with bright blooms too – either fake or fresh is fine.


Carousel Twist


Image shows Carousel Twist carpet

Make sure your children get in on the act by brightening up their rooms to suit the season. Girls and boys will love bolder pastel pinks and blues, perfect with white furniture.


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