Get The Look: The Rock Star Lounge by Ros Anderson

Fancy yourself as a bit of a VIP? Feel like you should hear flashbulbs going off wherever you go? Who doesn’t, every so often? The rock star fantasy – a life of limos and yachts and luxurious hotel suites (ready for the trashing) – is very appealing. The launch of the film Entourage this month has reminded us that a bit of bling never did anyone any harm. If it’s good enough for Adam Grenier, then it’s definitely good enough for us! Therefore our thoughts have turned to how we can award ourselves a bit of super-star status at home…


Rock star style

Rock star or film star style is what you’d call a strong look – not the for shrinking violet or the faint-hearted. It’s all about showing off what you’ve got in the materials you chose and the scale of furniture. Everything is big, dramatic and, of course, ever so sexy. Google ‘Lenny Kravitz house’ if you want a better idea. Think shag-pile carpets that come up to your ankles, atmospheric, aphrodisiac lighting and mirrors everywhere – even on the ceilings.

Wonder walls

You might not want to go quite so all-out, but adding some rock star style your living room will create a statement. The quickest way to a sexy look in the home is to concentrate on dark colours. Black and deep blue is a huge trend for wall paint at the moment, so it’s a great time to embrace the dark side. A dark grey on walls and woodwork will look great – trust me – but you can also break up the colour a little with accent wallpaper. Pick a classic print like a damask with a dark background but flecks of gold or silver too – it’ll reflect light and add glamour as well.


Glitter ball

All that darkness needs some sparkle to temper it and bounce the light around. Rock stars aren’t known for their lack of vanity, so go for a big mirror in a gilt frame over the mantelpiece and pick reflective surfaces for small furniture items too – mirror finishes on side tables or glossy, shiny black lacquer. For a softer look swap in a wallpaper that mimics gold or silver leaf (try, or try bronze reflective tiles across a whole wall or alcove. The effect will be showstopping! The final touch has to be a statement light – a classic chandelier or glitterball-style pendent will make sure you’re always seen in your best light.

Fall at your feet

Rock stars like comfort as much as the next man, so don’t neglect what’s underfoot. A rich and luxurious-feeling carpet in a deep charcoal colour is the perfect base for a glamorous room. For something a bit more fun try a (yes) deep purple carpet. The rich jewel tone will add warmth to your dark and dramatic room. And don’t forget a deliciously deep shaggy rug in front of the fire – go for something plain in sexy silver-grey or even a subtle animal stripe. Grrrr.


Material girls

Lastly think about the soft furnishings. You’ll want rich textures that you just want to touch and recline on. Plush velvets in dark grey, purple or deep pink will make a splash, whether they’re on the whole sofa or just as an accent cushion. And don’t forget the accessories. You want something a bit quirky to convey your rock star personality. We love Abigail Ahern’s collection of flocked lamps and figurines, a witty, eccentric mix of animal shapes and deep dramatic colours. A diamonte skull, a pair of mounted antlers… or your favourite album sleeve framed and mounted. And don’t forget to flash some cash on the latest tech. A big flat-screen TV or a set of speakers designed to be noticed will mean that your living room becomes a grown-up playroom – how rock ‘n’ roll is that?

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