Freshen up your home with laminate flooring

Laminate flooring has a really clean, fresh look and is a great way to revive a room. Tear up your tired carpet and get inspired by these flooring ideas that are sure to freshen up your home.


When it comes to brightening up a room, it’s important to decide on a colour scheme. Certain colours can affect us in different ways, for example, vivid purples, bright reds and hot oranges can make us feel re-energised and awake – making them a great option for a kitchen or study area.
Image: hampton red river laminate flooring
Softer shades such as baby blues, creams, white and mints help us relax so they might be better suited in the bedroom.
Image Aspen oak laminate
You’ll find laminate flooring in a great range of colours, shades and styles as well as thicknesses and qualities. It’s important you consider which matches the purpose of the room best before making your final decision.


Laminate flooring is available in more than just wood-effect; you can also get tile or stone effect laminate flooring which is especially good for kitchens and bathrooms.
8457-stone-impression-palatino-travertine_1 (1)
Image: Hyde Park Palatino Travertine Laminate Flooring
Make sure you choose your style of laminate carefully and pick something which complements the existing colour schemes and décor choices within your home.


Once you’ve narrowed down your laminate selection you need to ensure you pick a final product that achieves balance in your room. Teaming dark walls with dark floors will create the appearance of a smaller, more enclosed space whilst dark flooring with white or bright walls and bookshelves creates a balanced contrast that can open up the room.
8573-harlech-oak-room-set (1)
Image: Harlech oak laminate flooring
If the room you’ve decided to decorate is a little on the small side, then using white wash laminate flooring will create the illusion of a larger, more open space. Unlike real wood, which can be stained and worn overtime, light laminate flooring is both scratch resistant and easy to care for. It’s also a great look for a modern home.
ImageI Chelsea white wash laminate
Finally, dress your laminate flooring to complete the look. Rugs, mats and a stair runners can all look great against wooden designs. They’ll also ensure your new laminate flooring stays fresh and beautiful for longer too.

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