Les Miserables, the recent film that represents 19th century France through a musical, has inspired us to write about our favourite French interior designs. After purging ourselves of the emotions that came with this wonderful movie, we looked beyond the characters’ stories and into the world of France, tradition and decadence.

Rustic French Interiors



Set a French scene in your open plan dining room and kitchen by using tile effect vinyl flooring and then adding a traditional rug. Form a bright atmosphere in a place which you can truly call home and one which you and your family will never want to leave again. You can easily complete this rustic style with natural hues; use soft yellow colours in particular in your decoration. This will help you make an exquisite kitchen with a country feel and create the perfect family home that’s dazzled in French beauty.

French Shabby Chic

Traditions EQUADOR_30


For a lighter, more uplifting French style in your home, choose wood effect vinyl flooring and couple it with small, textured rugs. Be sure to stick to white and pastel colours with your décor and use furniture that has elegant curves in order to sprinkle French decadence into your home. Impress your family and friends by making use of this luxurious shabby chic interior idea.

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