Floral interiors are flourishing! As the sunshine is threatening to peek through those clouds, floral prints and designs inspired by nature are trending more and more. Has the floral fever infected your home yet?


children's bedroom green vinyl


Image shows True Colours green vinyl flooring

Be it wallpaper or art on the wall, floral patterns are sure to show off your character and impress family and friends. Flowers, leaves and woodland creatures will bring your room to life so why not try it out?  Here’s a modern room idea where a patchwork of different designs create a fun and trendy feature wall in a children’s bedroom.


floral floor cream carpet shade


Image shows patterned carpet

If you’re a fan of a more sophisticated style, a floral patterned carpet in neutral shades can be exactly what you need. It’s chic and it’s elegant, and can it go with almost any design scheme you favour!


True Colours vinyl floral patterned furniture


Image shows True Colours vinyl

With either vibrant or pastel shades you can add personality to any room. These citrus coloured, floral patterned sofas make great impact the moment your guests walk through to your lounge. We admire the fresh feel that floral patterns create in the home, do you?

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