Flooring ideas for your office or business

Some flooring is more suitable for offices or other types of business than others – you don’t need to be a flooring expert to know that much. If you run your own shop, store or show-room you’ll know that you need something that looks great as well as something that is durable enough to withstand plenty of footfall. Here are three types of flooring that we think will work perfectly for your work space…


If you have a shop selling colourful items, like clothing, then try out white laminate flooring to show off your creative designs. While white floors give a really contemporary feel they set off colours so they practically pop out at you.
Escada Irresistible shop Melbourne
Imagine a rustic show room with white floors that emphasises each vintage furniture piece, it’s sure to grasp your attention right? White works with everything so why not try it out for yourself.


Looking for something that will survive the day to day rigours of a busy work space? Why not check out quality vinyl flooring that has an extra durable top layer? You’ll have a good choice of styles to choose from too, such as tile, mosaic or wood effect designs. Wood effect laminate is also a popular option that gives some added warmth to a space.
Consider the impression you want to give, the area to be covered and the practical needs of the work space. These things will surely give you a clearer idea whether this flooring is right for this space or not.


Harder floors can be practical, but they can also lack a homely feel. Carpets can give spaces a great sense of warmth and comfort, but they can also importantly help to absorb sound – which can be important especially in open plan rooms. For busy spaces go for a hard wearing carpet and avoid more luxurious styles.
In more prestigious spaces why not create a sense of luxury by installing a deeper pile carpet?  Why not make an impression and make a design statement with your carpet or even a contemporary rug – something you might avoid at home.
Visit us in store to pick the right flooring for your office or business, use our store locator to find the one closest to you!

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