5 space-saving ideas for small bathrooms

A small bathroom offers unique opportunities to create something special. With the right planning and design, you can minimise clutter, maximise your space and even add character to your bathroom.

Here are five space-saving tips that will show you how to make the most of your small bathroom.


chic bathroom


First off, a good bathroom is all about the lighting. Light coloured walls like cream or beige will brighten up the bathroom and transform it instantly into a spacious haven.

A central light fitting can sometimes make the bathroom seem rather enclosed, so try going for low-wattage or mood lights instead. Place them in key areas of the bathroom, such as above the shower bath or above the sink, to enhance the feeling of space across the whole bathroom, and, at the same time, create an intimate, cosy atmosphere.


dark vinyl bathroom


For practical purposes, your bathroom flooring has to be durable, easy-to-maintain and also give you the wow factor in terms of its design. Vinyl flooring ticks all three boxes. For best results, use a white or cream tile effect vinyl for a minimalist design (this will also go beautifully with the light coloured walls) and finish the look with tiles of the same design on the walls to enhance the feeling of space.

If sleek white lines are not for you, darker coloured vinyl design can provide a sophisticated and urban look by emphasising your white walls and accessories.


High wall-hung units will not only save precious floor space, but will also help reduce clutter.


Heated towel rails mounted at eye level will give your bathroom a modern feel and also save you critical space as you won’t need radiators.


Rather than having a bath or shower, why not have both in one? There are different style and ranges to choose from, with the flexibility of having either a shower curtain or a ledge. It’s also a superb solution if you have a small bathroom and want the choice of having either a shower or a bath!

So, use our useful tips and create a clutter-free and space-saving bathroom of your dreams.

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