The fashion and benefits of bathroom carpets

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Tiles belong in the bathroom, and carpets belong in the bedroom, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Tiled bedroom floors are actually quite popular, so if you would like a carpet in your bathroom, then why not? You just need to be sure that the material and style will meet your personal needs and wants.

A few years ago bathroom carpets were considered a huge no-no, but with traditional cottage-themed homes proving to be fashionable for the foreseeable future bathroom carpets are coming back with a BANG!

If you want to set home trends rather than follow them, then bathroom carpets provide you with a lot of scope for design ideas from neutral shades which are easy on the eye to vibrant colours which turn heads; bathroom carpets can be both classy and fashionable.

Carpet Texture Benefits

Many people worry about the practicality of carpets in the bathroom, which is why many homeowners opt for an alternative flooring choice. However many carpets are now waterproof and stain resistant, making them perfectly practical for use within the bathroom.

Despite a carpet’s material previously hindering its uses in the bathroom, the feel of the carpet is also its selling point. Vinyl floors, tiles and other flooring commonly used in the bathroom can be hard and cold, so not as soft for your feet to step out on when getting out of the bath or shower. Bathroom carpets provide a plush and comforting surface underfoot, taking away that ‘shock’ factor of hot foot on cold surface and are a perfect alternative to numerous bathmats which can clutter smaller bathrooms.

Choosing a Carpet Colour

Carpets can play a vital role in a bathroom when it comes to adding a little colour or a unique twist to your space. Bold colours such as burgundy, will not only make a statement in your bathroom, they will also showcase the elements of your bathroom perfectly due to the contrast with the stark white of the bathroom suite. Paler colours, such as baby blue, are perfect for giving your bathroom a lease of life whilst creating a space of class and sophistication. Baby blue is a popular colour for creating the ‘cute cottage’ look. Co-ordinate a baby blue carpet with cute white wood towel hooks, picture frames and other accessories for a country cottage feel.

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Connecting Rooms with Colour

If your bathroom is a small en-suite or cloakroom suite with only a sink or toilet, you can add the same carpet to your bathroom as the adjoining room. This helps to keep the flow between bedrooms and en-suites or hallways and under-the-stairs cloakroom suites that many homeowners like to create. You also don’t have the issue of converting it back into a storage space or the worries of the bath or shower causing problems with the carpet.

Carpets needn’t be restricted to bedrooms and living rooms; a carpet can really warm up a cold bathroom and add softness to the room.

Written by Stephanie Staszko, Bathshop321

Stephanie Staszko is a blogger for bathroom suite and accessory website Check out the site for some bathroom inspiration and furniture to accompany your new bathroom flooring.


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