The eccentric English home – Flooring trends & decorating ideas A/W 2014

To the rest of the world, the English are pretty eccentric. The mannerisms and behaviours we think are the norm is considered oddities by other countries and it is this eccentricity that gives us our unique style; both in terms of fashion sense and interior design.

There are a multitude of English trends in interior design, changing with every generation. Here, we look at what has been popular over the years and what is set to be ‘in’ for autumn and winter 2014 – drawing inspiration directly from the Carpetright Look Book to make suggestions on how you can turn your property into an eccentric English home.




English interior design trends are largely influenced by the economy and culture. This is clearly seen in the decorating style of the 1950s, which exuded the positive outlook through the bright and happy colours.

This was followed by flower power in the 1960s, when paisley fabrics and floral prints came into fashion and bold colours in the 1970s. By the 1980s, England was back into floral schemes but it wasn’t until the late ‘90s that the modern, contemporary look came into fashion.

The bold colours and prints were banished in favour of neutral and minimalist looks and those looking to transport modern homes into something quintessentially British should follow these tips:

Colour scheme

The typical English home has a much darker colour palette than most modern homes. The carpet and flooring tends to have warm hues, especially this autumn/winter as browns and reds are in season.



Rich colours like our Stately Manor Red Flear De Lis Carpet create a sense of indulgence and opulence, providing the perfect settling for a cosy living room or elegant dining room.


It’s not just colours that give a room or a property an English ‘feel’. It’s the materials and textures used in the design too. Use a variety of fabrics, including some luxurious ones like velvet, for your cushions, throws, curtains or drapes and add layers wherever possible.


Wood plays a big role in English design, whether it’s light woods for decoration, dark woods for furniture or natural exposed woods for added appeal, the addition of this material creates a rustic and charming atmosphere.

Most furniture will be made from wood, perhaps with accents of other materials such as brass or leather so it should be easy enough to introduce this idea into your home. Keep the typical English colour palette in mind, remembering that dark colours will add to the eccentricity of the room.


Period features

While we are on the topic of period homes, another thing that you could add to your home to make it even more English is character. New build properties may be dominating the headlines but much of England’s property dates back a considerable time with original, period features highly coveted.

It may not be possible to add genuine period features, but things like sash windows and cornicing will add to the effect for those living in a newer build. One of the most English, and perhaps easiest, features you could add is a traditional fireplace – it provides the perfect focal point for your room without taking up much space.

The Carpetright Look Book 2014 has some fantastic suggestions for the carpets and flooring to use when creating an eccentric English home so whether you are looking for vinyl, laminate or carpets, we have got everything that’s set to be on trend this season.

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