East meets West: Flooring trends and decoration ideas A/W 2014

As the summer season draws to a close, we look at how you can transform your home into an elegant space thanks to some oriental inspiration.

Throughout history, designers in the west are heavily influenced by the vibrant colours and bold patterns of the east; a trend that is set to occur again this autumn and winter.

Drawing inspiration directly from the Carpetright Look Book, we make suggestions on how to a touch of eastern promise to your home.



The colours of the orient are bright, bold, and opulent, so be prepared to inject some vibrancy into your home if you want to really embrace this trend! One of the hottest themes running through the whole of 2014 and into autumn/winter is luxurious, dark and rich coloured floors.



This ties in perfectly with the eastern look, as dark coloured carpets meet bold rugs and features. The contrast in colours projects an inviting, warm living area, allowing features such as the fire place and the abstract piece of art to stand out.

Our Kosset Twist Charcoal/Mineral Carpet would be the perfect fit for this particular eastern theme – as seen in our 2014 Look Book.


An Asian-style interior must be balanced or you won’t have that oriental harmony you’re aiming for. Balance is not all about colours though and while this is important you must also consider different textures and elements within your home.

If you’ve opted for a wooden floor in your home then living room rugs can really add another dimension. The same goes for a mixture of blinds and curtains as well as a combination of decorations or ornaments made from natural materials, such as stone or wood, as well as modern options including glass.



While the oriental look is largely influenced by the minimalistic Japanese style, you can add a few simple pieces of furniture or decoration, particularly if it’s of a different texture, to make a huge impact so don’t think eastern influence has to mean minimalist comfort.


Don’t forget that the east is a large place, and within this category, there are lots of differing styles drawing inspiration from a number of regions.

A Japanese style is very calming and minimalistic, so create a more natural look with sleek and contemporary furniture matched with flooring from our Look Book’s Woodland Wonder theme if this is what you’re interested in. Contrastingly, Chinese style use much brighter colours, dramatic decorations and lots of details for those who want something bolder while lesser known styles should also be considered; such as Thai, Korean, Mongolian, Tibetan and Indonesian.


If you want to turn your home into a feast for the senses, where should you start?

Well, one of the benefits to the idea of ‘east meets west’ is that it can transform any bland room, from your kitchen to bathroom. However, it is most effective in rooms where you want a Zen-like peace.

If you’ve got young children and need a serene place to escape to, the best place to start the transformation of your home into oriental paradise is your bedroom as it will invoke that much-needed sense of tranquillity.

However, the same can be said for most rooms. For example, the kitchen may be the heart of the home but by introducing eastern design elements, you can turn even the busiest of kitchens into an exotic, sleek, and calm environment.

Colours and designs of the orient are not only set to be popular for the upcoming season but for the rest of 2015, so you can rest assured that your newly decorated rooms will continue to be on trend for some time yet.

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