Decorating your home for Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your home this year – and it’s a great excuse for a refresh.

Hyde Park Mustang Slate Laminate Flooring

Gothic Flooring

When it comes to Halloween, it’s all about black flooring. You could opt for a deep pile black carpet to create the spooky-mood, paired with a bright colour rug. Black laminate and black vinyl flooring are also a great choice – not just because they are forgiving when it comes to spooky mess and fake blood, but because of the seductive Gothic style they create.

True Colours Uni 599 Plain Vinyl Flooring


Combining dark flooring and dark wallpaper gives you the perfect setting to complement any Halloween party. And if you choose vinyl flooring, not only is it great to clean, it also has a reflective element perfect for adding that extra edginess to the night. Use lamps, string lights and candles to create the perfect ambience, and unless it has a dimmer switch, forget about any ceiling lighting until the night of the 31st October is well and truly over. If you have a fire – light it, and try adding little tea light candles around the hearth for a truly atmospheric vibe.

Bedroom tricks

For your bedroom, something as simple as a new set of dark bedding is enough to change the tone of the room. If you have a metal bed frame you can hang fake spiders, webs and creepy crawlies around each end of the bed. Even if your bed frame isn’t metal, a plastic spider or two will work strewn across the headboard, or even under the covers…boo!

Monsters are everywhere

Halloween monsters can be made from just about anything with a black marker pen and a little imagination. Empty milk cartons, empty bottles painted white, or even balloons are all monsters in disguise waiting to be unleashed. All you need to do is draw on a scary face and a monster is born!

All white

Come Halloween, toilet paper is a cheap and versatile decorating tool. You can wrap it around just about anything to create a spooky, ghoulish look in an instant. The same goes for white sheets, bin liners and balloons. Throw some old sheets over your furniture, not only will this transform the room instantly (especially if you add a splash or two of fake blood) it will also protect your sofa from Halloween party guests and stick trick-or-treating fingers.

Perfect pumpkins

Pumpkins have a multitude of uses at Halloween. They can be carved, lit up and placed both inside and outside the home – with no limit as to how many look good. They can be used as bowls for your evening meal that night, or even to house the sweets for trick-or-treat visitors. You can hang them from trees to light up the night sky, even paint them different colours, or cover them in fabric for a more contemporary style. Your options are endless.

Apples galore

Decorating can be even more fun if you turn it into a party game. Simply hang some apples from your door frames using pieces of string to add a quirky twist to the Halloween madness. When it’s time, tie the participants’ hands behind their back and watch them race to eat their apple with no hands.

Halloween is a time when you have free reign with your décor, and pretty much anything goes. If you are entertaining guests or decorating for your own amusement this Halloween, there is no limit to the fun you can have transforming your home into a haunted house of horrors that is sure to thrill all who enter – if they dare.

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