How to decorate children’s bedrooms

One of the most enjoyable rooms to decorate is the children’s bedrooms. It should be fun, bright and playful!  Pink, blue, orange or yellow all look right at home in the little ones’ space but before going all out and letting them decide everything, remember the following practical décor advice.


children's bedroom flooring_1

*Image shows a purple carpet

Choose flooring that can be easily cleaned or one that hides stains well. A bold coloured carpet, like a deep purple, will make a statement they love whilst hiding any felt tip pen marks. It is also comforting and warm as well as practical. A 100% polypropylene carpet is durable, resilient and hardwearing, making it an ideal choice for the messiest of children’s bedroom.


striped vinyl floor


*Image shows Mardi Gras striped vinyl

Vinyl floor is a great solution for a playroom or older children who make a lot of mess. They come in a wide range of colours and designs so you can go for a stylish pattern, like a striped vinyl, that they’re sure to love.


Marseille Sleep Station


*Image shows Marseilles children’s bed

Books, toys and clothes are a never-ending problem for a child’s room. You may have a beautiful design in mind but if it doesn’t have plenty of storage space then it won’t stay beautiful for long!

For a small room, choose a bed with plenty of storage underneath or a concealed desk. Larger rooms can make use of fitted units, wall-mounted storage and freestanding storage chests on wheels.

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