Dear Carpetright: Should I choose a patterned carpet or a plain one?

Choosing whether to have a patterned or plain carpet is a big decision and is worth taking some time and consideration over to ensure you make the perfect choice. Unless you have particularly strong feelings for one against the other, you may struggle to make up your mind. So let us help you….

As well as taking your personal preferences into account you also need to consider how each style of carpet would look in your home and the intended room.

Benefits of a plain carpet

For those drawn to plain carpets, it’s important to remember there is a wide range of colours and styles available. Plain doesn’t have to mean neutral and you’ll have your pick of colours when making your decision.

Plain carpets will generally have a subtler effect on the design of your room and are advised if you have heavily patterned furniture or furnishings – such as sofas, curtains or rugs. Plain carpets will prevent colours and patterns from clashing with one another or being overpowering and this guarantees a sophisticated appearance.

Amberley twist plain pink carpet

If you have a small space to cover and want the room to appear larger than it is, then a pale plain carpet could help to create the spacious appearance you require.

Plain carpets are also a great long-term investment as they are less restrictive on what else you can do to the room. And if you find them a little too plain then you can always add a patterned rug for interest; this is also a great way to help extend the lifespan of your carpet by protecting it from wear and tear.

One thing to consider is that dirt and marks may be more visible on plain than patterned carpets so if you’re fitting this type of flooring in a high-traffic area or family home then it’s important to look for a hard-wearing choice such as a twist carpet. Loop pile carpets are also a practical option for busy homes but aren’t recommended if you have pets as their claws may pull the fibres and cause damage.

Lakeside plain and stripe carpet

Benefits of a patterned carpet

For those intrigued by the different style choices available with patterned carpets, you should once again remember that there are a variety of styles available for you to choose from. Patterned carpets can feature anything from stripes to checks to florals, with specially designed kids’ carpets also available if you’re looking to update a playroom or young person’s bedroom.

Kids collection car racing carpet

These carpets are best used in neutral rooms which keep walls, furniture and accessories muted in colour. They can also be used to create or enhance the illusion of space – vertical stripes make rooms look larger and can lengthen the appearance of hallways and stairs if used as a runner rather than a wall-to-wall carpet.

If you are considering a patterned carpet then we recommend using alongside neutral furniture tones that focus around core colours such as beige, cream and grey. This will help the colours and pattern of your carpet ‘pop’ but at the same time, not appear too heavy.

Highland design saxony pattern check carpet

You can really enhance the colour of your patterned carpet with corresponding accessories, and if this is the approach you are looking for, we would recommend opting for a subtler pattern – such as a swirl design, which is the self-colour as the base, but with an added texture which can be blended effortlessly with additional decor.

Palm beach pattern carpet

In terms of longevity and practicality, patterned carpets work really well in busy homes and can help to disguise small marks and spills. You should still look for hard-wearing choices such as a twist carpet though to ensure you get the best out of your new floor.

Try out a whole range of patterned and plain carpets with your home design, order free samples and try before you buy!