Dear Carpetright: How can I warm my bathroom with colour?

Fear not Dear Reader, warming up your bathroom with a little injection of colour is easy. Move away from the traditional choice of blue, no matter how calming it might claim to be, and enjoy warmer hues that still offer blissful bathroom experiences that just can’t be beaten.


bathroom towels displayed with candles and orchids


Along with your kitchen, the bathroom is a space that has to be kitted out with a certain amount of practicality in mind – but that doesn’t mean compromising on style or colour. While it was once quite common to find carpets in bathrooms, today you have your pick of a wide selection of flooring from natural stone tiles to modern laminates and patterned vinyls. These functional and stylish solutions are great for introducing warmth whilst keeping practicality in mind and you’ll find plenty of warmly coloured bathroom vinyl to stop things feeling too clean and clinical. Try a natural wood-effect vinyl in warm oak or opt for a two-tone grey stone style, which adds warmth through its depth of colour and textured look.

Carpetright Prestige Barcelona vinyl flooring

Fitting vinyl tiles is a great way to keep costs down without cutting corners for a truly top of the range look. It’s also a great way to fully customise your bathroom so that your flooring is as important to the overall feeling as any other part of the room.


A really authentic warm and welcoming bathroom experience can be created by clever use of a wide range of accessories. This is where the careful choice of colours can really make the difference between your desired outcome or a cold and clinical bathroom environment. Using colours drawn from nature not only gives a natural look but also works on a very deep level, aiding relaxation and providing a true sense of contentment.


There are so many ways to add colour in a bathroom that you really can let your imagine run away. Towels, robes and face cloths come in many rich and vibrant shades that can liven up a neutral background with splashes of colour so why not go bold with burnt orange, bright red, vivid violet or passionate pink?

Warm towels in bathroom

Essential small accessories such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes can also be found in lots of different materials and colours from bright, fun plastics to calming natural stone finishes which are all great for adding warmth. Another perfect way to add colour and warmth to your bathroom is to simply illuminate it with candles. The gentle shimmer and warm natural light can’t be beaten and you can pick candles in bright colours with soothing scents to really create an ideal atmosphere.

Try out these ideas to add warmth to your bathroom, come view flooring from a Carpetright near you using our store locator.