Dear Carpetright: How can I make my lounge more inviting?

Your lounge is a central area of your home – the place where you relax and unwind, but also where you entertain guests and enjoy time with the family.

It is therefore important that your home is not only comfortable yet inviting. How you achieve this balance is up to you, but we’ve compiled a few tips that could help.

Wall colour

When choosing a colour for the walls in your lounge many opt for choose warm, neutral colours. While you can also use bright colours in your living room, try to ensure they don’t mismatch or become overpowering and use them as accents rather than block colours.

This will not only give your living room a style you can be proud of, but it will also make it warm and inviting for guests. Keeping the colour scheme too plain can actually make it appear cold or clinical so stay away from all white designs.

Hanging some photos or artwork on the wall, or display them on bookcases also adds some personality to the space and make it feel lived in.


Living room furniture needs to be carefully considered to ensure your lounge is inviting and welcoming. The first thing to do is measure the space of your living room, and then pick the furniture you want that will fit within the area. Plan carefully and opt for a layout that encourages interaction and does not feel closed off.

You’ll also want to decide between materials such as wood, metal, leather and fabric for tables and sofas. Try a few out and see which you prefer before buying and then finish off the look with comfy cushions, throws and blankets.

Placing this piece of furniture by the fire with some candles for added ambiance can really help to achieve a homely look, and ensure your guests always feel at ease.




The flooring you choose for your lounge will also make a difference to the atmosphere created. If you choose to have vinyl or laminate flooring throughout your home then it is recommended that you add some rugs to provide warmth and texture as well.

Alternatively, you can opt for a carpeted look in your living room with this flooring still a popular choice for this room. Whether you opt for plain or patterned styles is up to you, but you should match the type of carpet to your specific needs to prolong its lifespan.

Selecting a carpet in a colour which corresponds with your theme for that room can also help it feel cosy.


Finishing touches

For the finishing touches on your living room, make sure you invest in delicate mood lighting that doesn’t make your guests feel like they’re under interrogation. Spotlights and lamps work well for this, but you can also try dimmable wall lights for something a little different.

For accessories and other decorative elements, try and embrace homely touches with photos, trinkets and vases of fresh flowers. These are all associated with the typical image of “home” and are sure to have anyone feeling comfortable and welcome when they step through your door.



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