While it’s not always possible to physically increase the size of your bedroom without going through major home reconstruction, there are ways you can create the illusion of space in small rooms.

Bedrooms are a particularly common area of focus in this regard and there four simple ideas that will help you create space in your small bedroom in no time. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to clear open spaces where there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place.

Small bedroom with large mirrored wall

1. De-clutter

De-cluttering doesn’t cost you a penny, just a little bit of your own time. Many of us are guilty of collecting just about everything we’ve ever owned and placing it on shelves or tables for others to see  but having too many things out on show makes a room appear smaller and more cramped.

Take advantage of the spring season to begin de-cluttering and clearing your room. You don’t have to throw everything away but neither do you need to have your whole life on display at one time so why not rotate ornaments and decorations instead depending on the season?

2. Surprise storage solutions

If you have a small bedroom you’ll no doubt have a problem with storage. The best solution is to purchase a storage bed such as a divan or ottoman bed. These work by giving you storage space beneath your mattress and are the perfect place to store bed linen or clothing. Ottomans usually lift up to reveal storage space in the base while divans are available in various configurations of drawers.

If your small bedroom is for a child then you can also find kids’ storage beds and divans as well as mid-sleepers which can hold anything from drawers and cubby holes to desks and shelves beneath the mattress which sits at an elevated position.

Carpetright double divan bed with storage

3. Reflect with mirrors

The best tip you will ever hear when it comes to making your room appear larger is to place some mirrors on your walls. Mirrors work wonders when it comes to enlarging internal space as they reflect light around the room making it appear much larger than it really is.

Ensure your mirrors are placed strategically on each wall to enhance the feeling of space and opt for blinds rather than curtains at windows to let the light in and keep your room feeling sleek and uncluttered.

4. Open layouts

When you have a small bedroom it can be really difficult to create that ideal open layout that all interior designers popularise. The oldest trick in the book to help you make your room feel more open is choosing the right flooring as the floor colour you choose will impact hugely on the appearance of your bedroom.

To create a bedroom with the feeling of additional space, it’s important that you choose a plain carpet rather than one with patterns on. If you have a neutral coloured bedroom, why not opt for a grey carpet? This will give you ample opportunity to accessorise as you like without being held back by the colour of your carpet.

Brown Carpetright carpet in a bedroom

With these simple tricks, there is no reason for you to suffer from small bedroom syndrome any more.

Enjoy your additional space and make your bedroom feel larger with our help.

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