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With retro-style kitchens once again bang on trend, households up and down the country are wondering how to channel that fab 60s feel in their own homes. The good news is that regardless of whether you go for an authentic look or a contemporary redesign, a retro kitchen can be achieved very easily.

60s retro is all about being daring and using geometrical patterns and bold shades to breathe personality into your cooking space. Here at Carpetright, we stock a great range of vinyl floors that are perfect for the job – let’s look at how you can use them with other home décor features to create a stylish, vintage kitchen.


With a huge range of colours, styles and patterns available, vinyl is an integral part of 60s design. A statement vinyl floor coupled with bright, colourful accessories hold the key to achieving an authentic retro feel and as they are durable and easy to clean, you can bring functionality and vibrancy into your home with this flooring.

To channel that cool 60s vibe you can either contrast your kitchen floor colours with the rest of the walls or choose individual vinyl tiles which can be cut and assembled to recreate patterns from the time. A combination of black and white check tiles can work particularly well whatever your colour scheme.

Mardi Gras Dublin


Mardi Gras 99 (Black) Dublin Vinyl Flooring


The kitchen was the heart of the 60s home and typically offered plenty of space to cook and socialise. With the invention of plastics, many appliances were mass produced in bright colours and snapped up by a wide audience. Metals highlighted the shiny, futuristic era of space travel and went hand in hand with the era’s progress in technology.

To recreate this feel in your own kitchen, opt for big, shiny appliances (think pastel coloured fridges and freezers), raised cabinets and kitchen islands. 60s households were keen to tune into the feel of modernity so a few signature pieces of furniture – such as moulded ‘S’ chairs or bright bar stools – will be sure to impress your guests.



Hyde Park Palatino Travertine Laminate Flooring


It might seem over the top to a contemporary eye but the 60s were all about getting away from conservatism by making big, bold decorative choices. Interior décor schemes mixed patterns, colours and materials in new and exciting ways and this is something you’ll want to recreate.

Think outside the box by teaming blue work tops and blue and yellow tiles with extravagant cut glass vases or combining walnut panelling with sun yellow floral wallpaper. You can also introduce geometric shapes and bold patterns into your kitchen through accessories, ornaments and any furnishing on your kitchen seating.


Keep the futuristic 60s feel going by introducing some statement lighting and experimenting with aluminium shades, silver bowl bulbs and lamps with reflective interiors. Have some fun by taking inspiration from events at the time; for example you could give a nod to the Pop Art movement by accessorising with psychedelic coloured lava lamps.

If you’re not brave enough for a neon palette, then remember that black, white and monochrome were also popular in this decade so you could use a bold black fitting as an accent piece.


Enamel tops and glossy white surfaces look especially powerful next to bare legged chrome table and chair legs. Stick to plastic, metal and glass materials and seize the opportunity to introduce some iconic 60s shapes to the space.

Big foot stools and even bean bags are a great way to make a kitchen space fun as well as stylish but if you’re short on space then consider extending your retro vibe to other areas of the home – such as the dining room, utility room or conservatory – to give you and your family the space to enjoy your head-nod to styles of the past.



True Colours UNI 564 Vinyl Flooring

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