Create your own personal sanctuary with these pared-back interior style ideals

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Many of us lead increasingly busy lives and are compelled to make a concerted effort to slow down and take stock. At the end of a hectic day, retreating to your calming personal sanctuary can work restorative wonders… but a disorganised and chaotic home will only create discord.

A relaxing and inviting home environment helps to make your hard work more worthwhile. Here at Carpetright, we can help you create a comfortable and personalised space that will become your own personal sanctuary – just follow these top tips for a pared back interior that will help you achieve zen-like serenity.


The colours you choose for your home can have a profound effect on your mood. From paint colours to carpet colours, pick pared back shades that suggest rest and relaxation. From tranquil blues and greens to calming greys, certain colours evoke a natural sense of calm.

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Dynamic Aspen Oak Laminate

White, beige and other neutral tones can also help but you should balance them with soft furnishings, accessories or small bursts of colour as otherwise your home may feel more clinical and sparse than homely and comforting. Warm colours tend to energise emotions, so avoid bright reds and oranges in areas of the home that require calm (such as the bedroom and bathroom) and instead opt for duskier tones and neutrals.


Whatever the room, it’s always a good idea to choose comfortable, well-made furniture – we all love our home comforts. However too much furniture will make the space feel cluttered and won’t help your desired relaxing ambience – so it is worth not filling the room up too much.

In the bedroom, ensure a blissful night’s sleep by choosing a firm, supportive mattress and luxurious, soft bedding. Avoid bold prints and colours as these will act as focal points and distract your eyes when entering the room and opt for plain designs instead. White bed linen is a traditional option and perfect if you want to recreate hotel glamour and serenity at home.

In other rooms in the home, keep furniture such as tables and storage units as minimal as possible and opt for integrated options or secret storage solutions where possible as these are less intrusive on the overall interior design style and will help produce feelings of calm.


Space is essential for creating calm, whereas clutter is distracting and instantly instils a sense of chaos and disorder.

Ensure you keep accessories to a minimum and tidy away too many trinkets to avoid creating an overloaded room that feels disordered instead of serene. Opt for organic accessories wherever possible – focusing on wooden materials, flowers and plants – as these bring the restorative power of the natural world into your interior and are much less intrusive than metal options which can sometimes look stark and cold.

Freshly-cut flowers can soothe both visually and aromatically so make sure you have a few strategically placed vases throughout your home. You can also introduce natural elements through flooring (such as wood-effect laminates), wall coverings (including floral or natural print wallpapers) and furnishings.

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Hampton Red River Laminate

You should also create separate zones in your home to help compartmentalise different elements of your existence. Don’t allow the paraphernalia of work to encroach on rooms that should encourage rest and relaxation.


Lighting can work wonders for your sense of wellbeing and natural sunlight is repeatedly proven to lift the spirit. Allow natural light into your living space by ensuring windows are unobstructed. Similarly, if natural light is in short supply, create the illusion of a lighter environment with cleverly positioned mirrors, spotlights and lamps.

Accent lighting has a far more soothing effect than overhead illumination so look for subtle wall lights and other integrated options and consider fitting dimmer switches to any lighting fixtures to provide greater control over your home environment.

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