How to create a Grand Prix inspired games room

We were inspired by the 2015 British Grand Prix taking place from 03-05 July, as we flew those Union Jacks and supported this adrenalin-fuelled event.

We think the Grand Prix is the perfect design inspiration for a games room, so if you agree then follow our simple steps on how to create this style.

Step 1: Chequered flooring

The chequered flag is a massive icon of the racing world, so it makes sense to bring this symbol into your games room in a big way. Chequered flooring is the most obvious option and you’ll find plenty of ways to create it.

If you want the soft feeling of carpet underfoot, then create your chequerboard pattern with two different coloured carpet tiles.


Natural charm loop pile plain carpet tile


Alternatively, opt for monochrome black and white tile effect vinyl flooring. Both options are suitable for a games room for either adults or kids, but vinyl is easier to clean so would be more practical where little ones are concerned.

Rhino echiquier black and white chequered vinyl


Step 2: Speedy wall art

With your flooring definitely “up to speed”, it’s time to make sure everything else in your games room matches. With such a bold flooring choice you might want to keep the walls plain and neutral, but that doesn’t mean no decoration at all.

You could invest in some cool wall art showcasing images of cars, racing drivers and finish lines. Buying some fancy pieces for an adults’ game room is an easy fix, but you might want to let the kids create their own designs.

Get them to stamp car shapes on colour paper or create their own mess of colours with paint to give the illusion of fast and furious action on the racetrack.

Step 3: Race car seats

You’ll want somewhere comfy to sit in your games room, so why not make this part of your overall design by investing in race car seats or some race car cushions.

Leather is the most obvious material for an authentic look and works particularly well in adults’ games rooms, but if you’re worried about clambering kids then fabric might be the more practical option and is less likely to damage.

If you can’t afford real replica race car seats then why not get hold of some old seatbelts in bright colours and padded cushions to create your own instead – you can even throw in a fake steering wheel!

Two Racing leather carbon fiber seats isolated on white background


Step 4: Car lights

With all the main features taken care of, it’s time to start focusing on the added extras. Lighting is an often overlooked part of any design, so make sure you don’t fall foul of this mistake by investing in snazzy lights.

For an adults’ games room, spotlights and bright headlight style bulbs are a great idea and you could even fit them inside an old crash helmet to create an interesting feature. For kids, look for novelty lights or lamp shades with car motifs for something a little softer in style.

Step 5: Automotive accessories

Lastly, it’s time for the accessories. Think about the items you most commonly associate with the automotive world and look for ornaments or decorative elements that fit this them.

For adults’ games rooms this might mean side mirrors, posh wheels and car-mat style rugs, while for kids’ games rooms it could mean playmats or carpets with car designs, toy cars and their own mini racetrack.

Kids collection car design carpet

Want to try Grand Prix styled carpet or vinyl? Order free samples to test which one is right for your home!