Got your Glasto tickets? Got your wellies, your floral headband, your denim shorts and your kaftan? Got a spare loo roll and some wet wipes? Well done you – you’ve got the summer-time bug of festival fever and you’re all set for a crazy summer in the fields. Britain’s festival scene must be the best in the world, with an incredible array of festivals of every size catering to every musical taste and style scene out there. But whether you’re headed with the hipsters to Bestival, the aristocratic bohemians to Secret Garden Party or the literati to Latitude, you can get yourself in the mood before you even leave home. Here are our top tips for adding a bit of boho festival style to your own home – who knows, the flushing toilets and hot bath on hand might even convince you to stay put and watch it all unfold on BBC2.

Festival goers

Eclectic essentials

You are familiar with the uniform for festivals these days – fringed leather waistcoats, ethnic prints on floaty fabrics, a bit of a nod to the hippie vibe of Woodstock, a bit of crazy neon-Ibiza action…. the key is eclecticism, drawing on various looks and cultures and mixing them all together in a wonderfully laid-back mash-up. Well the same goes for festival furnishings. Mixing patterns is a great start – the ever popular Ikat prints and dip-died cushions are a perfect accent. Add in a real-wool Welsh blanket and your sofa will look cosy as a luxury yurt.

For the walls you can go for some fantastical wallpaper that gives your room a suitably other-wordly feel. Cole & Son’s Whimsical collection is perfect – pick from undersea scenes or magical woodlands speckled with stars for a suitable trippy, dreamlike atmosphere. Add a chandelier or patchwork lampshade for just the right surreal accent. The mix of old and new is key to festival style too, and interiors are no different. Look out for vintage pieces from the 60s in natural wood and accessories like wobbly coloured glass vases or – dare we say it – a lava lamp to add some retro chic.

Floor fest

Any festival goer knows how much time one spends sitting on the floor, so pay attention to what’s underfoot at home too. Mix a natural, rustic base like the Country House carpet with rugs in a groovy zig-zag print rugs or big floral swirls. Want a more psychedelic effect? Why not team a striped carpet like the Camden Stripe with colourful circle rugs on top?

Carpetright Camden stripe carpet

Go glamping

Festivals don’t have to mean roughing it. Did you see the yurt kitted out for Kate Moss last Glastonbury? The look is easy to get at home and will make you sleep like a festival princess. Start with a metal bed frame for a suitably vintage look – the Isla bedframe is perfect – and add some fairy lights entwined around the headboard.

Again you want the feel to be relaxed but luxurious, so put a selection of rugs on the floor – traditional print rugs look best for a sense of faded grandeur. Add an old steamer truck at the side of the bed for an improvised bedside table and light with candles (safely inside storm lanterns). For that genuine tent-like feel you could even pin some voile to the wall behind the bed, taking it up to the ceiling and pinning it loosely again to form a floaty canopy above your head. All that’s left is to make yourself a wristband, light a joss stick, and snuggle up for a lovely sleep, uninterrupted by the noise from the dance tent.

Want to bring the festival feel indoors? Order free samples and give it a go in your home.