Lower purchase costs aren’t the only benefit you get from choosing vinyl flooring over tiles – vinyl is also exceptionally easy to maintain and clean. It doesn’t clean itself, but it is fast to wipe up a spill and steam cleaning is a breeze – a perfect option in any family home.

Accidental spills are no problem for vinyl due to the impermeable nature of the material – be it a wine spillage or your little one dropping things on the floor. This is a good reason why vinyl is a favourite for kitchens – not to mention you can use diluted bleach or disinfectant on it.

Vinyl flooring is also fairly robust and durable, particularly those with a surface wear layer. While you should avoid dragging furniture or heavy kitchen appliances over it, heavy foot traffic won’t be a problem at all and the floor should last for a long time. This long shelf-life, limited cleaning costs and durable nature means it will continue to save you money long after you’ve bought it home.


Another way vinyl flooring can save you money with your kitchen redesign is through easy installation – especially compared to laying ceramic tiles or a real wood floor. However rather than do it yourself, we recommend you to use one of Carpetright’s professional fitters to do it for you.

Kitchens are complex spaces to work with – you change one thing and something else typically has to be moved. For example, working with your existing kitchen – perhaps the units have been built to accommodate only a certain height beneath the counters – limiting the ‘wiggle room’ for large kitchen appliances. If this is the case, then one of the benefits of vinyl is simply that it is comparatively thin and easy to fit around or to fit in tight spaces.

You may only want to change your floor, not a full kitchen re-design! That would be a much bigger project and expense. You may want a different floor if you install a new kitchen – but you can’t beat the practicality of vinyl and how easy it is to install.


If you like to update your flooring every few years with a different look, then vinyl flooring can save you a penny or two.

There are literally hundreds of different styles available too – wood effect, tile effect vinyl flooring and more so no matter what theme you are aiming for, there is sure to be a vinyl flooring option to match it.

As well as looking great, vinyl designs can imitate natural materials such as wood, stone and tiles,  and also prove more practical than the real thing – especially in places that get wet. Water damage for wood is a very real threat when laid in the kitchen. Similarly, stone or ceramic tiles can smash if heavy objects are dropped on them accidentally.


Where you have a variety of foods, sauces, raw meat and dairy products you want to have easy-to-clean surfaces to maintain high standards in hygiene. It’s a no brainer really, but a vinyl floor is simply much easier to clean quickly. This is great for families where little ones are more likely to play with toys on the floor and be dropping their food more regularly too.

All of these benefits combine together to make vinyl flooring great value for money. If you’re interested in updating your kitchen on a budget, then it’s worth looking at the vast range of vinyl flooring options which are available – there’s bound to be a design you like.

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