Contemporary cloakroom storage ideas

Families can sometimes grow in a blink of an eye and all of a sudden one toilet is not enough. Be clever and use your cloakroom to create an extra area to add a small bathroom. Find two contemporary cloakroom ideas that you can create on a limited budget!


stone effect vinyl in cloakroom


Use the space below your stairs to add a traditional cloakroom with stone, tile effect vinyl flooring. It’s an affordable, durable and water-resistant flooring that is perfect for high traffic areas such as a cloakroom. Simply compliment your dark cupboards with light wallpaper and a neutral stone surface to form a welcoming as well as a useful corner.

Small spaces always call for clever storage solutions, so be sure to utilise every shelf and cupboard available!


mosaic effect vinyl flooring

Transform an old closet into an on-trend small bathroom. Fit futuristic, mosaic effect vinyl that provides you with many colours to work with. For example, add matching bold colours, such as a deep red that will emphasise your sparkling new white toilet suite. Your stand alone basin and extra toilet will have an impressive modern look that you can impress guests with. Finish it off with practical shelves and ‘built-in’ hidden storage areas.

Why don’t you use a rack with towels and a dressing gown as a quirky accessory feature in the corner?

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