Conservatory flooring ideas

For many people, the conservatory is no longer just a place to sit and relax while looking out into the garden. As home buying has become more expensive, many people have added a conservatory as a means of providing extra usable space.

tile effect vinyl conservatory


Due to its construction and location, temperatures outside a conservatory can have a more extreme effect inside. So, it’s worth choosing a floor covering that is not too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. Vinyl flooring offers good options. Not only does it come in a wide range of colours and designs, but it is easy to maintain. It tends to be less affected by the extremes of weather and enables a reasonably constant floor temperature throughout the year. The choice of designs available means that even if you want to go for a natural, rustic feel, it can be created from the range of tile effect vinyl flooring available.

Hard Wearing Laminate Flooring

If children are likely to use the conservatory as a play area, then you will need to ensure that your conservatory flooring is slip resistant. This will also apply if the conservatory is to be used by elderly relatives. Laminate flooring offers a hard wearing and slip safe option for vulnerable members of the family. Not only that, but it looks absolutely stunning. Laminate flooring is also naturally resistant to mould and most don’t even fade on exposure to ultraviolet, making it ideal for use in a conservatory.

rustic laminate conservatory


It is well worth taking the time to ensure that your conservatory flooring not only looks good, but is right for you, and your family.


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